Campaign to bring awareness on normalizing female masturbation

Bring awareness to the idea that female masturbation is not shameful and should be about pleasure and women’s health, both mental and physical. The more we talk about it, the more normal it will become

Independent research passion project, submitted to Kean University

Research Day.



Mobile App


Pleasure Kit



Powerful women such as  Miley Cyrus, Lizzo, and Gina Rodriguez will be
accompanied by sex educators  Ev'Yan Whitney, and Shan Boodram
during a podcast that will focus on all the ooh’s and aah’s of masturbating
and the physical and mental health benefits that come with it. 


Using the Touchy Subjects mobile app, audiences can take quizzes to see which celebrity matches their pleasure preferences.


There will be a Guerilla Girl-style stealth event across several days in March to mark Women’s History Month. Touchy Subjects will provide downloadable stickers and stickers in their Etsy shop. Women can print the stickers and stick them to fruits in their neighborhood supermarkets. Then photograph the stickered fruit and post to Instagram. #GetTouchy


Touchy Subjects will launch the Get Touchy collection by sending out pleasure kits that include beautifully designed step-by-step instructions, scratch-and-sniff stickers, and a curated playlist to get women in the mood to explore down there. 


Pleasure Kit


Touchy Subject will live on Instagram to engage with followers in the efforts to normalize female masturbation.